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Discover a wide range of legal practice areas that cater to your diverse needs. From arbitration and matrimonial disputes to corporate law and intellectual property matters, our team of dedicated lawyers provides comprehensive legal solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We're committed to safeguarding your rights and interests, ensuring fair treatment and efficient conflict resolution across various legal domains.


Arbitration Law

Our Firm is having significant experience in the sphere of Alternative Dispute Resolution which supports swift resolution of disputes through Mediation and Arbitration processes which are duly recognized under law and also promoted by the Courts.  


We assist our clients from the early stage of providing information and guidance, and providing prudent advises and handholding support throughout the process until the matter is finally resolved through settlement. We provide complete solutions including help in appointment of Arbitrator through Court, presenting and defending claims before Arbitrator/Arbitral Tribunal, and moving the appellate machinery if need arises from the Arbitral Award. Our firm has successfully handled various difficult cases and provided swift and satisfactory results through the Arbitration mechanism. 

Commercial Litigation

In our practice of handling Commercial Litigation, we routinely assist our varied clients in drafting, Court and Regulatory filings, advisory and representation in corporate and commercial disputes involving breach of rights or contractual obligations. In this regard we not only handle litigations on behalf of the corporate clients at the requisite fora like Civil Courts, Commercial Courts, Debt Recovery Tribunals, and various Regulatory Authorities but we also work in an advisory capacity with clients throughout the process suggesting necessary steps to be taken from a legal standpoint in the day-to-day business activities of the clientOther teams in our Firm also help our corporate clients in handling other matters such drafting and negotiating various commercial contracts and agreements, HR and employment issues, taxation matters, etc. 


Corporate Matters

Our experienced team of lawyers have provided necessary legal support required by various corporate clients by providing diverse and holistic solutions to our clients. A substantial component of our corporate practice is corporate legal advisory on routine business legal issues, corporate legal affairs, incorporation of business entities, insolvency and liquidation matters, and corporate dispute resolution. Our areas of operation also include representing clients in National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) and National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT). 


We also draft and negotiate various commercial contracts including partnership and joint venture agreements, loan and financing agreements, employment contracts, business transfer agreements, etc. on behalf of our clients. We also conduct due diligence and draft necessary documents for corporate dealings. The Firm focuses on providing our clients personalized and practical advice considering the context of their business and the regulatory environment.  

Family Matters

Expert and experienced lawyers in our Firm understand the emotional and financial upheaval that occurs when a client is having an ongoing legal matter in the family. This includes various family-based situations such as Divorce, Child Custody, Adoption, Will, Succession, Inheritance, and the like. Also, we understand how the court procedures are emotionally and financially draining for common people especially when the dispute involves their own family members. Hence, our team handles each case with the required delicacy, personal attention, and efficiency that every client deserves and needs.


Matrimonial Cases

Our Firm has gained great expertise and experience in dealing with diverse matrimonial disputes with varying degrees of conflict. We believe that it is utmost important to provide a greater degree of personal attention and elderly guidance to the clients undergoing matrimonial disputes. Years of experience have taught us that while dealing with such tender issues, one cannot remain a dispassionate professional. Thus, while dealing with the familial problems of the clients, our Team Members provide handholding support and provide genuine and dispassionate guidance like a family elder to them to achieve their long-term best interest.


While our initial focus is always towards minimising the emotional and economic burden on our clients by encouraging and working towards amicable marital settlements. But wherever required, we handle multiple litigations and use smart strategy to ensure the best possible results for our clients. Our formidable battery of lawyers ensure that our client is never short-changed and the simplistic nature of the client does not become a disadvantage when put against a tough opponent. If litigation is the need of the hour, we represent our clients in all legal forums with fervent dedication and determination till the very end of the finish line.

Our Team Members have specialized expertise in handling diverse matrimonial  litigation involving contested divorces; divorce by mutual consent; restitution of conjugal rights; judicial separation; annulment of marriages; child custody including visitation rights for the non-custodian parent, shared parenting, joint legal custody and guardianship, sole legal custody and guardianship, cases involving parental abduction and parental alienation; spousal support including Interim Maintenance, Alimony, return of streedhan and marital asset distribution; child support including education expenses, health expenses, expenses for extra-curricular activities, living expenses and provision of residence, one-time settlement, etc. We also handle the other cases related to Dowry Harassment, Domestic Violence and maintenance u/s 125 CrPC at appropriate legal forums and ensure that rights of our clients are fully protected and they are never taken advantage of. Most importantly, a client in matrimonial litigation requires a reliable and trustworthy lawyer and this is where our records are immaculate and unblemished.

Service Law

Our Firm has lawyers having specialization in solving and advising legal issues related to Service matters through effective presentation of client’s case in the employer department, in Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) and other appellate tribunals, and if needed, in the High Court and the Supreme Court. These include matters with respect to Seniority and Promotion, Disciplinary Action and Reply to Charges, Suspension & Termination, Regularization of Temporary & Contractual Employees, Compassionate Appointment, Salary and Wages, Increments & Arrears, Retirement Benefits and Pension, etc.

Consumer Law

Our Firm strives to protect and broaden the rights and powers of consumers. We provide effective legal services before various authorities (also called Consumer Courts) such as formed under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 at district, state and national level including State and National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. If need arises, we also handle these matters at the High Court and Supreme Court to bring justice and best possible relief for our clients. Lawyers at our Firm have expertise in handling various types of consumer cases including professional negligence, medical negligence, false advertising, product liability, consumer fraud, business scams, etc. 


Our expert lawyers are trained and deft in handling varied consumer cases such as those related to irrationally high electricity and telephone bills, defective appliances and products, lack of safety in electronic goods, unsatisfactory after-sales services, duplicate and counterfeit goods, false or incomplete information about the product, price, quality, safety, expiry date, maintenance costs, etc.; adulteration and impurities in products, unethical profiteering, Consumer Grievances in real estate projects such as delayed possession, construction defects, leakage issues, etc.  


In our Firm, we provide effective guidance and complete information about the rights of consumers and strive to bring substantial remedy to them including compensation for damages and inconvenience caused to them by defective products and services. Our services include representation in Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism, drafting and filing of legal notice and Consumer Complaint in the Consumer Forum at District, State, or National level depending upon the monetary value, presentation of the case by appropriate Pleadings, Oral & Written Applications, Evidences, Written Arguments, Final order & Execution, Appeal / Review if needed till we achieve complete justice for the Consumer. 

Property Law

Our Firm advises clients on matters relating to property laws and property transactions. Our expert lawyers also assist in negotiating, drafting, settling and finalizing agreements relating to the sale and transfer of any interest in land and properties by way of gift, exchange, release, conveyance, assignment, and mortgage. We conduct detailed title searches and investigations including due diligence for immovable property to ensure that the transaction is above board and no encumbrances exist upon the property under consideration. We regularly assist our clients with property development, re-development, issues relating to Transfer of Development Rights (TDR), Floor Space Index (FSI) approvals and licenses, assignments, and conveyancing. The Firm advises on development regulations and ways to minimize the inherent risks that impact real estate transactions. We also advise our clients on matters relating to inheritance and devolution keeping in mind the applicable personal laws. 


We also handle litigation between Landlords and Tenants with respect to various disputes including rent recovery, Tenant Eviction, Standard Rent Determination, Depositing rent in Court, Declaration of Tenancy, bona-fide Requirement suit, and many more. 


Motor Accident Claims

Our firm helps motor accident victims understand their rights, build personal injury claims and seek compensation for the damages through effective representation in a timely manner. We ensure that the victim receives suitable financial compensation to cover expenses like medical bills, vehicle repair or replacement costs, lost wages, compensation for permanent disability and pain and suffering, loss of consortium, etc. We also help present the case of persons who meet an accident without any fault and are now being dragged in litigation. We strive to protect the rights of such clients so that they do not have to bear any unnecessary financial burden. Our work includes gathering and effectively presenting all relevant information including proof of damages required to file a personal injury claim, negotiate for a fair settlement, file a lawsuit if required, effective presentation of the case in court at various stages with the goal of obtaining full compensation and complete justice for the client. We also represent clients before Railway Claims Tribunal wherever required. 

Employment Issues & Labour Laws

Our Team Members have extensive industry experience in the ever evolving and dynamic labour law ecosystem in India. We remain updated with the amended laws and compliance requirements, landmark judgements, industry trends, and labour policies of the major industry leaders in India. 

Our team has provided consultancy to various corporate clients on their HR and employment policies to meet the Indian legal and industry standards and requirements. Our key focus areas include consultancy and guidance on Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace (POSH), Recruitment & Employment Policy, and Termination & Superannuation Policy which are compliant with labour laws and prevents unnecessary litigations. Our labour and employment related legal services include Consultancy on making policies in compliance with Employment and Labour Laws in India, drafting all related documentations such as Letter of Offer, Employment Agreements, Employment Manuals, etc., drafting company employment/ HR policies and compliance manuals, structuring employee compensations/ benefits/ perks, drafting Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Policy, assistance in downsizing and retrenchment, conducted POSH training to spread awareness and empowerment amongst employees, etc. 


Land Acquisition

Our team of law professionals are proficient and experienced in handling Land Acquisition related matters. We provide support to clients through every stage of the acquisition process, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and safeguarding their interests. Land acquisition in India is governed by several legal frameworks including The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act 2013 which replaced the Land Acquisition Act of 1894 and provided significant rights to landowners and affected families. Key provisions include mandatory Social Impact Assessments (SIAs), fair compensation, and comprehensive rehabilitation and resettlement packages. Other relevant legislations include The National Highways Act, 1956, Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Act, 2005 and other state specific Land Acquisition Acts.  


Our expert team of experienced professionals help in navigating through this complex legal web and preventing litigation by providing suitable Legal Advisory on land acquisition laws, procedures, and compliance, ensuring that clients have a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities. We also help in Documentation and Representation by assisting clients in preparing and reviewing essential documents, such as notifications, objections, and compensation claims, and representing them before various authorities and courts. Our skilled lawyers are also adept at negotiating fair compensation packages and resolving disputes, helping clients achieve favourable outcomes in land acquisition matters and preventing litigation wherever possible. 

Real Estate Law

India is witnessing consistent economic growth and increasing urbanisation which has buoyed the Indian real estate industry including residential and commercial property projects, warehousing, shared workspaces, etc. The experienced lawyers in our Firm complement their legal skills and commercial acumen to provide the most appropriate counsel on title due diligence, drafting of transaction deeds, joint development projects, construction contracts, lease contracts, RERA compliances, and dispute resolution. Our clientele includes Developers, Investors, Property Owners, Tenants, Occupants and we have vast experience in drafting and vetting of various property related Deeds, documents, agreements, MOU, terms and conditions and many more. At the same time, we also have experience in representing promoters and investors both in various legal issues which often come up in large Real Estate projects. We have represented clients at various levels including in various Courts and forums. Our areas of expertise include Structuring of investments in real estate, documentation in relation to the real estate transactions including leasing, conveyance, development agreements, collaboration agreements, etc., documentation for creation of interest including mortgages, agreements to sell, etc., documentation in relation to the property management and maintenance services, due diligence of properties, advice on regulatory compliances including RERA compliances and on construction related laws, etc. 


Criminal Law

The lawyers in our firm have extensive experience in handling the most diverse and complex kind of criminal cases. The most important quality of a lawyer in criminal cases is reliability and trustworthiness where our firm has an impeccable and unblemished record. While we ensure that our clients get relief in the fastest manner possible, we have also remained steadfast in walking the long mile wherever it was in the best interest of the client. At the same time, we ensure that there is no unnecessary financial burden on a person who is already undergoing such distress because of the ongoing criminal matters. The range of criminal cases handled by our firm is very wide including complicated white collar criminal matters, cases related to murder, rape, battery and assault, sexual harassment, Fraud, Cheating, Forgery, extortion, Defamation, Domestic Violence, and money laundering cases to name a few. 


Our Firm is known for reducing risks by securing immediate relief, outstanding knowledge of laws and procedures required in successfully pursuing a case, designing a smart strategy which helps in securing a favourable outcome for the client, familiarity with the criminal justice system and case laws, and for preventing any unnecessary financial burden on the client.  


Our resourceful & versatile team also has an outstanding record in securing swift relief to our clients in matters related to quashing of FIR, Anticipatory Bail, quashing of Chargesheet, obtaining stay on proceedings, etc. The lawyers in our firm have an illustrious record in handling Criminal Trial cases from end-to-end and securing favourable outcomes for our clients. We have, on many occasions, successfully challenged the admissibility of evidence against our clients on legal, technical and scientific grounds. At the same time, we also represent our clients for criminal matters right from the Trial Court to Sessions Court, High Court and up to the Supreme Court until the justice is received by our clients. 

Intellectual Property Rights

The expert lawyers in our team provide consultancy and undertake various kind of works relating to Copyright, Patent, Trademark, Design, Trade Secrets, Domain name disputes, Content Disputes, Database Rights, unfair trade practice, Passing off and many more in the fields of Intellectual Property Laws. We also provide the services of Drafting/ vetting of the Agreements and Deeds for Authors, Artist, Film Producers, Singers, Actors, Models, Musicians and others for Providing and/or assigning their Rights. 


Cyber Crime Matters

The expert lawyers in our Firm have helped several individuals and organisations in legal matters related to offences relating to internet and cyberspace, electronic banking, electronic commerce, cyber security, etc. We have successfully dealt with several cases related to Financial Fraud, Cheating, Extortion including Sextortion, Phishing Impersonation, Morphed images, etc. We passionately believe that every individual’s right to privacy is sacrosanct and the personal space should not be violated. Therefore, we help our clients in their fight against cybercrimes such as hacking, misuse of personal information, breach of trust, fraud and impersonation, Cyber Stalking, Phishing, Credit Card Fraud, OTP fraud, extortion and online blackmailing.